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EMALE Issue 119 (February 2013)

In this month's issue:

7 nutrients all men need

Men’s Health Week Community Grants

Work mental health issues cost billions

engaging men national training seminar

barriers that prevent older men getting help

Are you concerned about men and boys ability to get help when they need it?

future events

  • 2013 Tasmanian Men's Gathering Waddamana, Tasmania March 8 – 11
  • Men in Bali retreats A Man's Journey April 13 – 20 The Elders Way April 21 to 28
  • 2013 National Indigenous Health Conference , Cairns, November 25th – 27th

2013 Tasmanian Men's Gathering

It’s on again, the Tasmanian Men’s Gathering over the March long weekend

TMG 2013

Fri-Mon 8-11th March

Waddamana, Tasmania

Explore and express your real feelings, fears and hopes for yourself and your loved ones. Tell your story, or not, as and when you feel comfortable to do so. Or simply be there for the friendship, fresh air and healthy food.

Content Team:

John Alford; Pablo McQueen; Mark Davis (Darvis); & Nick Hall

A great program is in preparation by these very experienced guys.  

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Engaging men in family based programs Workshops (Sydney, NSW, ACT & Tasmania)

This workshop allows workers, organisations or networks of services to provide more effective programs to men and families. The workshop explores the importance of the fathers’ role in family services and how programs can engage and support this opportunity.

The workshop focuses on:

  • understanding what men might want when accessing community services
  • using strengths based approaches when working with men
  • engaging men in child protection issues and family based programs
  • exploring skills used to work with men in a non-threatening way and modelling effective, respectful and inclusive communication when working with men
  • working with fathers to increase their engagement in their children’s lives
  • engaging fathers using the father inclusive practice and the generative framework
  • effective ways for female workers to work with men.

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Mindful Men: 4 week meditation and mindfulness course for men

What: 4 week meditation and mindfulness course for men.
When: Monday Evenings in February (6th, 13th, 20th and 27th) at 7pm.
Where: Tasmen - The McDougal Building, 90 Davey Street, Hobart
Cost: $60 ($40 Concession).

This experiential course will explore mindfulness in the lives of men through the instruction of meditation and movement as well as through discussion and the sharing of our experiences. Men have profound capacities for tenderness, intimacy and care as well as strength, creativity and inspiration. Not often finding the support needed for such inner qualities to arise the intention of this course is to create a safe space for men to deepen their self-understanding while developing mindful awareness in both meditation and relationship to others.

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Community Rites of Passage – Becoming Men Program (Tas)

It takes an extended raise teenagers.  There are regular camps for boys 13-15 years. This is a structured programme with a separation from mother, family and friends; a challenge that each boy is given; and a celebratory return to family and friends. It is a critical part of a young person’s life and helps them develop as individuals. The father or a mentor attends the camp with the boy, and the mother attends the departure and return ceremonies on Bruny Island. This — and much more —is all explained in the information session.  Mothers play a critical role at the start and finish of the 4 days. Boys develop a stronger relationship with their father, an increased respect for women, are more motivated to set goals and finish school, and generally demonstrate improved communication and social skills.

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