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You too can have a body like mine - Bondi gyms and their stange inhabitants

When I moved into Bondi Junction from the suburbs I had to do something to exercise my rotten old drooping, hunch-shouldered academic body. My physio-terrorist used to say "Exercise, Mr West, exercise those poor old shoulders and back! That’s what you need!"


Making it OK to be male, by J.Macdonald, D.McDermott, C.Di Campli

A Positive (non-deficit) approach to understanding the health and well-being of boys and men - from the 8th National Suicide Prevention Conference.


Masculinities in contemporary urban Australia

The Living as Men study from which this report is drawn is a sociocultural analysis of Australian urban men’s constructs of contemporary urban life and risk. The research project was developed in response to the notion that dominant forms of embodying Australian masculinity are crucial to understanding what has been called a ‘crisis’ in Australian men’s health. Its objectives were to:

  • theorise risk as it relates to the embodiment of different masculinities in urban Australia (Sydney and Melbourne)
  • examine the interface between masculinity and risk as it relates to life expectancy, class, sexuality, lifestyle and economic and technological changes in Australian society
  • theoretically elaborate the structural contradictions involved in the interface between individual men’s perceptions of risk, and social, cultural, economic, political and technological factors undermining individual men’s risk assessment and risk management strategies
  • explore how Australian men understand Australian health promotion campaigns.

The study surveyed a large number of men recruited from Sydney and Melbourne as well as conducting close focus in-depth interviews with a smaller number of them. This report draws on a selected number of topics from the interview data with implications for public health policy and practice.


Is gender a social construct or biological imperative? by Babette Francis, 2000

The nature vs. nurture debate on whether it is biology or environment that causes human beings to choose certain roles and lifestyles is a perennial controversy in sociobiology, but since the seventies the debate has been extended to whether nurture, i.e. culture, can override biology and be a determinant of sex itself. This paper critiques the "gender agenda" of contemporary feminism and the politicization of the word "gender" as a substitute for the sex of a person.


Boys, Sport And Schooling: An Australian Perspective, by Peter West, 1996

A report on a project about boys, sport and schooling. It considers the developing literature on masculinities, and comments on developments in Australia, and to a minor extent Great Britain. Some data from the project is next set out, with extracts from the interviews with boys.

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