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New online ‘Dads Guide to Pregnancy’ covers what men want to know

Raising Children Network ( surveyed expectant dads and dads with children from birth to three years of age about the information they want when their partners are pregnant and they’re about to become a dad. They found unique insights that informed a new free online Dads Guide to Pregnancy looking at what dads and their partners might be going through during each stage of pregnancy.

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First-Time Father: The essential guide for the new dad

First Time Father

For many men, the birth of their first child is a truly life-changing event. First-Time Father: The essential guide for the new dad provides fathers with the answers and options to enable them to design a rewarding and effective fatherhood journey.

It seems that what new fathers are wanting has continued to change over the last five years. In this revised edition of First-ime Father, the authors Dr Graeme Russell and Tony White (who both work extensively with new fathers) show that contemporary men want to:

  • have a strong and enduring relationship with their children;
  • be actively involved in the day-to-day care of their children;
  • share the parenting and paid work equally with their partner;
  • take extended leave from paid work to be the primary caregiver for a period of time; and
  • reduce their hours of work (for example, to part-time) to behighly involved in caring for their child.

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EMALE Issue 113 (August 2012)

In this month's issue:

Gamarada reconnecting men with spirit

time to step back and think

Current Men’s Health SERVICES Training Programs

  • Effective Men’s Health Promotion

Proposed Graduate Diploma in Male Studies

men fare worse in education, health and crime

reaching out to men in the Kimberley

book reviews

  • MenAlive: Stop Killer Stress With Simple Energy Healing Tools
  • First-Time Father - The essential guide for the new dad


  • FATHERS ON THE MOVE: A toolbox approach to fatherhood in all its forms. August 24 – 26, Serpentine Retreat Centre, PERTH 

news briefs

  • Movember Survivorship Summit
  • Online Breastfeeding Cafe
  • Hotline for elderly victims of abuse


America is seeing a fundamental shift in the role of men in parenting. While many in the media and academia have observed this trend, no company has emerged to meet the needs of these "New" fathers, the modern dads. Enter DadLabs, Inc., a start-up company dedicated to providing creative media content and information products to serve this new generation of "Super Dads."

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Fathering in Australia among couple families with young children

There has been growing recognition of the importance of fathers to families in recent years. Societal trends, such as rising levels of employment among mothers of young children and recognition of the importance of the father–child relationship, have given more prominence to the contribution that fathers make to family life. Governments are increasingly interested in creating conditions that can foster fathers’ involvement in families; for example, through promoting more flexible working arrangements or by ensuring that children maintain contact with fathers following family breakdown. This growing interest in the role of fathers has been mirrored in the scientific community. However, there has been a limited amount of research on fathers in Australia, with the result that there remains much to be learnt about the ways that Australian fathers contribute to families and how they feel about themselves as fathers.

This report aims to increase understanding of the many ways in which fathers in couple families with young children contribute to family life, through the study of their time investment with children, their supportiveness as partners, their financial contribution, their parenting behaviours and styles, and their perceptions of their own adequacy as fathers. The impact of fathers on children’s wellbeing is also examined.