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Parents' access rights after divorce enshrined in law (UK)

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The right of both divorced fathers and mothers to see their children is to be enshrined in law for the first time as part of changes to family justice, despite warnings from the government's independent review and lawyers that it would "clog the courts".

In a consultation paper the government will propose amending the law to explicitly recognise the importance of children having a relationship with both parents after separation.

According to the government, studies show that following a divorce, 90% of children reside "mainly" with one of their parents – with just 12% of these children living with their father. This "bias", say Whitehall sources, needs to be corrected.

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A wasted opportunity to engage with the literature on the implications of attachment research for family court professionals

Anti-shared parenting lobbyists in Australia, the U.K and U.S made much of Jennifer McIntosh's "findings" that no overnight stays or joint physical custody is best for toddlers. Professor Lamb however, sheds light on a central problem with her research. Does she tend to present her information in a way favourable to her point of view? Rather than reviewing relevant information objectively, has the researcher-turned-advocate shaped the data to prop-up the outcome she wishes to achieve? Tangential to McIntosh’s misrepresentations of the literature, her attempt to prop up the numbers as guest editor of the Family Court Review is also revealed.

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95% say parenting should be shared (UK)

95% of people now agree that both parents should share responsibility for bringing up children and 84% say both parents deserve equal custody rights.

In response to the current shake-up of the family justice system, there is a strong consensus among Britons that both the mother and the father should be entitled to an equal share of child custody rights when getting divorced or separated according to a new poll by YouGov

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Father Absence, Father Deficit, Father Hunger | Psychology Today (Canada)

Despite President Obama’s 2011 Father’s Day lament on the irresponsibility of “deadbeat fathers” footloose and fancy free from taking responsibility for their children, in fact the two major structural threats to fathers’ presence in children’s lives are divorce and non-marital childbearing. More often than not, fathers are involuntarily relegated by family courts to the role of “accessory parents,” valued for their role as financial providers rather than as active caregivers. This view persists despite the fact that fathers in two-parent families, before divorce, typically share, with mothers, responsibility for the care of their children. This is both because fathers have taken up the slack while mothers work longer hours outside the home, and because fathers are no longer content to play a secondary role as parents. Most fathers today are keen to experience both the joys and challenges of parenthood, derive satisfaction from their parental role, and consider active and involved fatherhood to be the core component of their self-identity.

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Shared custody a mistake for the under-2s, says Lobbyist Researcher

Separated parents should not share custody of babies or toddlers under two, according to controversial guidelines released this week by a national infant welfare group, which seem to contradict decades of research and conclude the exact opposite.

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